Wednesday September 11

16:30-17:30 Registration
17:30-18:00 Welcome

T2 Structural-dynamical and mechanical properties of condensed matter Session Chairs: S. Kennou, Th. Karakostas

18:00-18:30  Invited Lecture: Topological currents in the bulkJ.K. Pachos

The cBΩ thermodynamical model for point defect parameters in solids: Application to various materials and its relation with the dynamical theory of diffusion
N.V. Sarlis and E.S. Skordas
Core Configurations of Shockley Partials in GaN by Aberration-Corrected HRTEM Observations
I.G. Vasileiadis, J. Smalc-Koziorowska, I. Belabbas, and G.P. Dimitrakopulos
Pressure induced structural phase transition of sumanene (C21H12) studied by Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction
A.G.V. Terzidou, A.V. Kuzmin, S.S. Khasanov, K.P. Meletov, A. Michtaris, H. Sakurai, K. Prassides, D. Christofilos, and J. Arvanitidis
Structural investigation of lithium borotellurite glasses by vibrational spectroscopic techniques
K.I. Chatzipanagis, N.S. Tagiara, D. Möncke, S. Kundu, A.C.M. Rodrigues, E.I. Kamitsos
Optical response of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides under uniaxial and biaxial mechanical loading
A. Michail, D. Anestopoulos, K. Filintoglou, N. Delikoukos, S.A. Tsirkas, S. Grammatikopoulos, J. Parthenios and K. Papagelis
19:45-20:15 Musical Event
20:15 Welcome Reception

Thursday September 12

Keynote Lecture Session Chairs: S. Couris, P.C. Kelires

Polaritonics: the physics and applications of «liquid light»
P. Lagoudakis

T1 Electronics, photonics and optoelectronics Session Chairs: S. Couris, M. Fakis

9:45-10:15 Invited Lecture: Chiral metamaterials with Parity‐Time symmetry M. Kafesaki, S. Droulias, I. Katsantonis, E.N. Economou, C.M. Soukoulis

Disentangling quantum-informed models for plasmonics with chiral metallic nanoparticle helices
Ch. Tserkezis and N. Asger Mortensen
Metasurface lasers based on resonant dark states
S. Droulias, Th. Koschny, and C.M. Soukoulis
Thiophenol- and diethylamino-modified fluorographenes with functionalization-based ON/OFF switching nonlinear optical response
I. Papadakis, A. Stathis, N. Karampitsos, D. Kyrginas, M. Stavrou, D. Ziaka, S. Couris
Extreme hydrodynamic behavior in avocado leaf biomimetics
A. Papadimitriou, K. Papachristopoulou and N. A. Vainos
Optical control of quantum dot spin in the Voigt geometry
D. Stefanatos, V. Karanikolas,N. Iliopoulos, and E. Paspalakis
11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

T1 Electronics, photonics and optoelectronics Session Chairs: G. Leftheriotis, D. Kechrakos

Triboelectric generators based on ALD deposited high-k materials for scavenging mechanical energy
A. Giannouli, A. Kerasidou, A. Bardakas, M.A. Botzakaki, S.N. Georga, C.A. Krontiras, C. Tsamis
Quantum interference effects in strong light-matter interaction near a 2D material
I. Thanopulos, V. D. Karanikolas, N. Iliopoulos, and E. Paspalakis
3D-nanostructuring of micro-capacitor electrodes for increased energy storage capability
E. Hourdakis and A.G. Nassiopoulou
Efficient and low-cost hole transport-free perovskite solar cells using carbon-based electrode
A. Karavioti, D. Sygkridou, E. Vitoratos and E. Stathatos
Materials for photoelectrochromic windows with improved optical and electrical performance
A. Dokouzis, K. Theodosiou, D. Zoi,G. Syrrokostas, G. Leftheriotis
Energy absorption rate spectrum in asymmetric tunneling-controlled double quantum dot molecule – metal nanoparticle hybrids
S. Kosionis and E. Paspalakis
Nanofabrication of plasmonic diffractive structures on aerogel, xerogel and sintered monoliths
K. Papachristopoulou, A. Papadimitriou, V. Karoutsos, and N. A. Vainos
Growth and optical properties of NiO and ZnO thin films
A. Barnasas, P. Poulopoulos, C.S. Garoufalis, S. Baskoutas, N. Bouropoulos
14:00-15:30 Lunch Break

T3 Strongly correlated systems, magnetism & superconductivity Session Chairs: E. Vitoratos, P. Poulopoulos

15:30-16:00 Invited Lecture: THz spintronics E. Th. Papaioannou

Natural time: The new view of time. Fundamental questions and challenges
P.A. Varotsos, N.V. Sarlis and E.S. Skordas
Current trends and prospects in permanent magnets
D. Niarchos
Magnetic Skyrmions in Nanowires with Heavy Metal Core and Ferromagnetic Shell
D. Kechrakos, A. Patsopoulos, N.Moutis
Microstructure and magnetic properties in annealed high energy ball milled
Sm(Fe, Co, Ti)12 compounds doped with Zr
M.Gjoka, Ch. Sarafidis, D. Niarchos, G. Hadjipanayis
Novel Hybrid Magnetic Nanostructures Incorporating Magnetic Nanoparticles into Nanodiamonds
A.P. Douvalis, A.B. Bourlinos, J. Tucek and R. Zboril
Effective potentials in Reduced Density Matrix Functional Theory for the description of strong electronic correlations
S. Bousiadi, N.N. Lathiotakis
Ni/NiO multilayers: Magnetic Anisotropies and Influence of Thermal Treatment
D.I. Anyfantis, E. Sarigiannidou, L. Rapenne, A. Stamatelatos, D. Ntemogiannis, V. Kapaklis and P. Poulopoulos
Shift of the bending modes a cantilever beams due to cracks – Experimental detection by magnetoelastic sensors and computational analysis with finite elements
G. Samourgkanidis, Dimitris Kouzoudis Best M.Sc. Thesis Award Session/HSSTCM-EEETSY Session Chairs: M. Katsikini, S. Ves
Photoresponsivity of laser microstructured ZnO/Si heterojunctions
G. Chatzigiannakis, S. Gardelis, V. Lykodimos, M. Kandyla
Calculations of spin transport properties on topological insulator surfaces doped with magnetic defects
A. Kosma, P. Rüßmann, S. Blügel, and P. Mavropoulos
Multifunctional Hybrid Nanocomposites of Epoxy/Carbon or Glass Fibers and Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles
S. Gioti, C. Kostagiannakopoulou, S. G. Stavropoulos, V. Kostopoulos, G. C. Psarras
Copper based hybrid organic – inorganic materials with perovskite like structure as a substitution of lead perovskites
A. Ioannou, G. Mousdis, Κ. Kollia, Κ. Milonakou-Koufoudaki,V. Psicharis, Κ. Raptopoulou,G. Danezis, S. Gardelis
Development and characterization of multifunctional hybrid epoxy-based nanocomposites with perovskite nanoinclusions
Z.- M. Tsikriteas, G. C. Manika, A. C. Patsidis, G. C. Psarras
19:30-21:00 Poster Session/Coffee

Friday September 13

T4 Surfaces, nanomaterials and low-dimensional materials & systems Session Chairs: D. Kouzoudis, Ph. Komninou

9:00-9:30 Invited Lecture: Using nano-materials for future high frequency smart electronics, progress and challenges G. Deligeorgis

Vacancy migration mechanisms in interfaces of epitaxial III-Nitrides
Th. Karakostas, Ph. Komninou and
V. Pontikis
Atomic Scale Analysis of Ultra-Thin InxGa1-xN/GaN Quantum Wells by High Resolution HR(S)TEM
I.G. Vasileiadis, L. Lymperakis, Ch. H. Liebscher, E. Dimakis, R. Hübner, A. Adikimenakis, A. Georgakilas, Th. Karakostas, Ph. Komninou, G.P. Dimitrakopulos
An in-situ Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of the Thermal Processing of (NH4)2MoS4 -Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites
L. Sygellou, I. Tzanidis, D. Tasis
Bi2Te3 – Co topological insulators: Structural characterization and magnetotransport study of magnetron sputtered thin films
A. Pilidi, Th. Speliotis and G. Litsardakis
Antimonium and Bismuth Hybrid Materials as Possible Replacement for Lead Perovskites at Photovoltaic Applications
G. Mousdis, A. Ioannou, V. Psycharis, K. Raptopoulou
Modeling the Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanoparticles via Finite Element Analysis
E.K. Antoniou, H.M. Polatoglou
N-methyl formamide in kaolinite: in-situ intercalation kinetics by Near-Infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffractometry
F. Andreou, E. Siranidi, V. Gionis, G.D. Chryssikos, B. Bożek, A. Derkowski
11:15-12:00 Coffee Break

T4 Surfaces, nanomaterials and low-dimensional materials & systems Session Chairs: E. Paspalakis, C. Tsamis

Nanoscale Characteristics of Epitaxial Al/GaAs(001) Heterostructures
I.G. Vasileiadis,G. P. Dimitrakopulos, N. Florini,Z. Hatzopoulos, G. Konstantinidis, Th. Kehagias, and Ph. Komninou
All-optical quality assessment of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides using polarization-resolved second harmonic generation
S. Psilodimitrakopoulos, L. Mouchliadis, I. Paradisanos, A. Lemonis, G. Kioseoglou andE. Stratakis
Mesoporous perovskite solar cells fabricated entirely under ambient air conditions
D. Papadatos, D. Sygkridou,E. Stathatos
Microstructure of CoxPd1-x alloys for future spintronics
I.M. Oikonomou, N. Florini,J.B. Abugri, B.D. Clark, S. Budhathoki, K. Tippey, P.B. Visscher, A. Hauser, S. Gupta and Ph. Komninou
Very large remanent polarization in TiN/Hfx-1ZrxO2/Ge metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor capacitors by plasma assisted molecular beam deposition
C. Zacharaki, P. Tsipas, S. Chaitoglou, S. Fragkos, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyiannis, R. Negrea, L. Pintilie, A. Dimoulas
Carrier density tuning in WS2 monolayers via photochlorination
I. Demeridou, I. Paradisanos, Yuanyue Liu, N. Pliatsikas, P. Patsalas, S. Germanis, N.T. Pelekanos, W.A. Goddard III, G. Kioseoglou, E. Stratakis
Testing Trichomes Designs of 3D Microstructures using Multiphoton Polymerization: Toward Hydrophobic Surfaces
Areti Mourka, Dimitra Ladika, Lampros Papoutsakis, Maria Vamvakaki, Spiros H. Anastasiadis, and Maria Farsari
14:00-15:30 Lunch Break

T5 Polymers, organic materials and biomaterials Session Chairs: A. Vanakaras, C. Andrikopoulos 15:30-16:00

Invited Lecture: Plasma Biomedicine: A brief review on the relation between bacteria, cells, liposomes, tissues, biological liquids, endoscopic surgery etc., and high voltage driven electrical discharges in gases P. Svarnas

Triplet-exciton Fusion and Low-photon Energy Up-Conversion in Solution-processable Solid-state Organic Composites
Ch S. Patsalides, H. Goudarzi, S. Limbu, J. Cabanillas-González, Ji-Seon Kim, P.E. Keivanidis
PEO /SiO2 nanocomposites: Structure and Properties
K. Chrissopoulou, H. Papananou, S. Kogchylakis, and S. H. Anastasiadis
Protein‐Polymer Biohybrids via Oxygen Tolerant Copper Mediated Polymerization Techniques
A. Theodorou, D. Gounaris, E. Hatzivasileiou, K. Velonia
Dielectric Anisotropy of Liquid Crystalline Dimers and Mixtures exhibiting a Nematic–Nematic Phase Transition
E.E. Zavvou, E. Ramou, Z. Ahmed, C. Welch, P.K. Karahaliou, A.G. Vanakaras, G.H. Mehl
Soft nanostructured biomaterials based on polysaccharides
A. Papagiannopoulos
17:15-17:45 Coffee Break

T5 Polymers, organic materials and biomaterials Session Chairs: G. Psarras, P. Keivanidis

17:45-18:15 Invited Lecture: Charge transfer and transport in carbon polymers and biopolymers C. Simserides

Novel mesomorphic behavior of alpha-unsubstituted oligothiophens: A Computer simulation study
F.D. Tsourtou, S.D. Peroukidis, and V.G. Mavrantzas
Molecular simulation of gas soprtion and dynamics in CO2–polystyrene systems
E. Ricci, N. Vergadou, G. Vogiatzis, M.G. De Angelis, D. N. Theodorou
Entropy and topology driven chiral symmetry breaking in systems composed of achiral particles
F. Priftis and A. G. Vanakaras
Films of polymer blends with tunable wettability on microstructured silicon substrates
M. Kanidi, A. Papagiannopoulos, A. Skandalis, S. Pispas, and M. Kandyla
19:15-20:30 Poster Session
21:00 Conference Dinner / Best Poster Award(s)

Saturday September 14

T6 Ceramics, composites, minerals and metals Session Chairs: P. Karahaliou, L. Palilis

9:30-10:00 Invited Lecture: Environmental durability of carbon nanotube modified mortars P. Alafogianni, N-M. Barkoula

The influence of carbon on the resistivity recovery of irradiated α-Fe & Fe-C
A. Theodorou, M. Syskaki, Z. Kotsina, M. Axiotis, G. Apostolopoulos
Ceramic and/or Carbon/Polydimethylsiloxane Composites: Thermomechanical Response, Dielectric Behavior and Energy Storage Efficiency
A. C. Patsidis, G. C. Psarras
A multi-scale numerical model for crack propagation in matrices with square and longitudinal inclusions
K. Anagnostopoulos, N.Nasikas, T.Karakasidis
A review on HMS-based materials synthesized by pack cementation for thermoelectric applications
A. Teknetzi, E. Tarani, E. Pavlidou, E. Hatzikraniotis, K. Chrissafis, and G. Vourlias
The Yablonovite three dimensional phononic crystal. Study of potential applications and perspectives
N. Aravantinos-Zafiris and M. M. Sigalas
11:15-12:00 Coffee Break

T4 Surfaces, nanomaterials and low-dimensional materials & systems Session Chairs: M. Sigalas, S. Gardelis

Graphene/ Mo2C vertical heterostructures: Low temperature chemical vapor deposition growth and electrocatalytic properties on HER
S. Chaitoglou T. Giannakopoulou, A. Vavouliotis, A. Dimoulas
Roll-to-roll graphene transfer as an effective tool for the protection of artworks
G. Gorgolis, M. Kotsidi and C. Galiotis
Non-Markovian spontaneous emission dynamics of a quantum emitter near a MoS2 nanodisk
I. Thanopulos, V. D. Karanikolas, N. Iliopoulos, and E. Paspalakis
Graphene on metallic substrates: a computational study on adsorption and the possibility of detachment
D. Kaltsas, M, Logotheti, S, Papazoglou, I, Zergioti and L, Tsetseris
Epitaxial growth and characterization of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides topological semimetals
S. Fragkos, P. Tsipas, D. Tsoutsou, R. Sant, C. Alvarez, G. Renaud, H. Okuno and A. Dimoulas
Growth of self-assembled metallic nanoparticles for optimization of localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs)
A. Stamatelatos, A. G. Chronis, M. M. Sigalas, S. Grammatikopoulos, P. Poulopoulos
Facile growth of two-dimensional WS2, MoS2 and their lateral heterostructures
A. Michail, M. Douka, J.Parthenios and K. Papagelis

Closing Remarks – Conclusions-Best Lecture Award / Lunch